State Thermal Grant to Lower Home Energy Costs


Vermonters have even greater resources available to help fund home energy improvements to make their homes warmer, save money and reduce fossil fuels. And we’re excited to announce that we are part of the solution!

The State of Vermont has a goal of improving the thermal efficiency of 80,000 homes by 2020. In an effort to reaching this milestone the state is making credit enhancements available through a grant that has been awarded to VSECU and Opportunities Credit Union, which was recently announced during a press event.

At VSECU this grant will be used to buy down, or discount, our current VGreen loan rates to even lower rates for eligible energy home improvements.
We have found that families and homeowners interested in home weatherization, making energy improvements or simply desiring a green style of home living, are not sure where to start or fear they cannot afford to make these improvements.

This grant in combination with our VGreen program, the coordination of other partners, and financial incentives makes these goals achievable!

Where to start?

Contact Efficiency Vermont and they will help you identify a certified contractor to perform an energy audit in your home. The final audit will include a list of recommendations to improve the efficiencies in your home with estimated costs including rebates or tax incentives that may be available.

Next, contact us and we will work with you to determine if any of the recommendations or the entire project is eligible to receive the buy down interest rate through our VGreen program.

It’s that simple!

Now that the announcement of the grant has been made public, we are busy working on the details of enhancing our VGreen program with these credit enhancements. We’re anxious to start helping Vermonters before the next heating season. So don’t wait and go ahead and start by contacting Efficiency Vermont to perform your home energy audit. We’ll take it from there and work with you to meet your energy goals.