Use Your Card with Confidence

Creditcard security

With the holidays approaching you’ll likely be swiping your debit and credit cards at local and major retailers more frequently. Whether you’re shopping at the store or online, feel confident when you reach for your VSECU cards this shopping season — and every other day of the year.

Steps to Prevent Fraud

We know you take the protection of your personal, account and other sensitive information very seriously, as do we. Remember to make the following part of your everyday practices:

  • Report lost or stolen cards immediately
  • Shred old cards, statements and receipts
  • Check your statements monthly and report suspicious activity immediately
  • Never give out account, personal or sensitive information. VSECU will never ask for this information unless you have contacted us and initiated the conversation yourself.
  • Always use common sense. Chances are if it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

VSECU and our card issuer will never contact you for account or card information. If you receive a call like this, hang up. You can always call VSECU at 802/800 371-5162 to verify if a Member Service Consultant was legitimately trying to get in contact with you. It may be out of character for you, and it may feel rude, but protecting your information is your number one priority.

What Does “zero liability” Mean?

Many card issuers offer a zero liability policy for fraudulent charges. This means you won’t be held responsible for, or have to pay for, unauthorized charges to your credit card – if reported in a timely manner. Typically you have 30 days from the date your statement was issued to report the fraudulent charges and have them waived under the zero liability policy. If you wait longer than 30 days, you may be liable for the charges. This is why it’s important to review your monthly account statements and monitor your account activity frequently.

What to do if You Suspect Fraud

If you suspect fraud on your VSECU cards report it immediately. Contact a Member Service Consultant at 802/800 371-5162 during business hours and use the numbers below after business hours:

Debit Cards: 1-800-523-4175
Credit Cards: 1-800-257-2743

Note: Add these numbers to your contact list so you always have them with you.

At VSECU protecting your information is our number one priority. Our fraud detection software works around the clock monitoring account activity and notifying our Fraud Department of possible suspicious activity. We remind you to be vigilant in checking your accounts for fraud so you may take advantage of zero liability protection policies offered by the card issuer – remember fraudulent activity must be reported in a timely manner to qualify.

Use your VSECU cards with confidence this holiday season and every day of the year. If you have any questions about your cards please contact a Member Service Consultant at 1-800-371-5162.