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Vermont Solar Carports:  A New Green Offering from Two Worker-Owned Companies

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Responding to policy maker’s push to more deeply integrate renewable energy into homes, businesses, and transportation, Catamount Solar and TimberHomes Vermont are teaming up to offer the Vermont Solar Carport. A marriage between beauty and function, the Vermont Solar Carport is a timber frame structure with a standing seam metal roof, made with pine and white oak timber from New England forests and built right here in the Green Mountains. 

“Our carport offers a lot in one package: it provides the economy and durability of roof-mounted solar, a classy parking shelter, and plenty of space to put bikes and kayaks, stack firewood, or store other outdoor gear,” said David Hooke, one of the founding member-owners at TimberHomes Vermont.  “Our unique design puts all braces and cables 6’8″ above the ground, so you can drive or walk into the carport from all sides.”

Catamount Solar and TimberHomes Vermont have combined on numerous projects over the years. Developing a jointly designed and branded product was the logical next step for these like-minded companies, bringing to clients the strengths of each. The new product will be launched on Thursday, March 5 at 10 am at TimberHomes Vermont’s Montpelier Shop at 21 Fork Road.

“Our carports are available in 1, 2 and 3-bay models, with space for 5.85 KW, 8.8KW and 11.7 KW of solar respectively, allowing customers to customize depending on their current and future power needs,” said Andrew Wible, member-owner at Catamount Solar. 

VSECU, a credit union for everybody in Vermont and a leader in solar and energy improvement financing, is teaming up with Catamount Solar and TimberHomes Vermont. Special low-cost financing through VSECU’s VGreen program can help Vermonters begin their transition from fossil fuels to solar and put their car under a handsome roof for an affordable monthly payment and potential savings on their electric bill. Subject to weather, financing and permitting, they can be installed in as little as 6 weeks from the first phone call.

“Anyone in Vermont who is investing in green energy for their home or business is eligible for our excellent VGreen loan rates and terms. VSECU is committed to making it easy for our neighbors to take steps toward their energy independence,” said Laurie Fielder, the VGreen Program Director at VSECU. New Hampshire residents who become members of Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) can also access these low rates.

The Vermont Solar Carport is engineer-approved for New England. There are a variety of installation methods to allow for virtually all site conditions.  The solar panel racks clamp right to the standing seam, making a rugged, leak-proof roof that is easily able to accommodate future technologies.

This design stands out with its clean lines, hand-crafted pegged mortise and tenon joinery, and its showcase of locally sourced timbers.

The first five Vermont Solar Carports sold will get a discount of $1,000.


Rebecca Copans
TimberHomes Vermont

Andrew Wible
Catamount Solar

Laurie Fielder
VGreen Program Director at VSECU
phone: 802.371.3136