Vermont Works - a Social Impact Partner

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Powered By VSECU to provide capital for businesses looking to grow in Vermont

A thriving economy requires matching sustainable and quality jobs with a healthy, robust, working-age population. When business leaders talk about their greatest business challenges, they often cite access to workforce as the top issue. Vermont has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation, but many skilled positions remain unfilled for extended periods of time.

Vermont Works is an alternative investment firm focusing on delivering competitive financial returns and positive social impact in the state of Vermont. Vermont Works is building a social impact fund to invest in growth stage companies that are creating high-quality jobs to retain and attract more working-age Vermonters.

We are Powering Vermont Works because…

VSECU is committed to fostering cooperation by bringing people together to empower the possibilities for greater prosperity for their members and Vermont communities. Similarly, Vermont Works’ social impact fund will be used to invest in companies and organizations poised to increase prosperity in the state through livable wages, economic growth, support of sustainable business practices, positive environmental impact and greater access to quality food and wellness education.

Vermont Works is Powered By VSECU through its wholly owned, independently operated subsidiary Vermont Heritage Financial Group, Inc.

Investments made through Vermont Works are not federally insured by NCUA, involve investment risk, may lose value and are not obligations of or guaranteed by the credit union.

Listen to this Open Mike recording of VSECU’s CEO Rob Miller and Vermont Works CEO Frank Koster on WDEV.

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