VSECU donates $5,000 to Home Share Now

Home Share Now and VSECU Partner To Help Vermonters Lower Fuel Costs This Winter

In response to growing environmental concerns, Home Share Now is expanding its mission to include live-in matches for individuals motivated by “green” concerns. VSECU is endorsing this expansion with a $5,000 donation with the hope that area residents will consider home sharing to combine resources and energy usage, thus lowering individual fuel costs.

“Home Share Now not only aligns with our credit union motto of ‘people helping people’ but also our environmental mission to preserve our natural resources,” said Steve Post, VSECU’s chief executive officer. “Sharing a home makes good sense: energy resources are shared and thus conserved, and it also lowers the cost of energy use for both parties in the home. VSECU is proud to support this innovative program.”

“We’ve traditionally been thought of as a program that helps seniors stay in their homes, and that remains an important part of our mission,” observes Home Share Now Director Betsy Reid. “Now, we’re spreading the word that home sharing also offers an excellent, life affirming way for Vermonters of all ages to do their part for the environment. Home sharers can limit their environmental impact in so many ways—from combining errands to moving closer to work—while simultaneously forging wonderful friendships. It’s a great option!”

Reid says every situation is different, but pointed to the one between Cindy McCloud and Monika Gadre as an example of a “green” match. Cindy originally came to Home Share Now for help with her fuel bills, while Monika was looking for a place to live within walking distance of her office. Since they began a home share six months ago, the two women have formed a strong friendship. Cindy enjoys how much more interesting her life is now that Monika lives with her, while Monika appreciates the opportunity to learn from Cindy’s wisdom and life experience.

Being environmentally conscious is important to both women. Cindy says she “tries to have a small footprint,” and both of them walk to work. Monika contrasts her walk in the fresh air of central Vermont with her experience in her home town of Mumbai, India. There, the air quality was very poor and she had to commute two hours each way, which, she says “was such a burden. Economically and internally, it’s important to walk—it’s relaxing, and takes the stress off.”

“Matching people like Cindy and Monika is very rewarding work,” Reid says, “especially knowing it’s good for them AND the environment. We’re so grateful to VSECU for sharing our vision in such a tangible way, and look forward to a continued partnership, to the benefit of our shared community.”

VSECU is a not-for-profit financial cooperative, which offers a full range of affordable financial products and services to its member owners. People eligible to join the credit union include everybody who lives or works in Vermont. For more information, call 802/800 371-5162 or visit

Home Share Now combines traditional New England frugality with a focus on the environment, facilitating live-in matches that range from young college graduates lending a hand so Vermont seniors can stay home to Baby Boomers deciding to combine resources to live greener lives. Home Share Now is fully committed to building matches that not only meet each person’s needs but also enhance the day-to-day quality of life for participants and family members.

Home Share Now is based in Barre, and serves Washington, Lamoille and Orange counties. The Central Vermont Council on Aging is the 501©3 fiscal sponsor of the program, but Home Share Now must raise all its own funds.

Attached photo: Home share match partners Cindy McCloud and Monika Gadre walking to work.