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VSECU Earns ENERGY STAR Certification for Two Branches

2015 ENERGY STAR Certification

MONTPELIER, VT—VSECU today announced that its most recently constructed branches, located in Waterbury and St. Johnsbury, have earned ENERGY STAR certification. The EPA award signifies that VSECU facilities perform in the top 25 percent of similar facilities nationwide. Overall, ENERGY STAR buildings use 35 percent less energy and generate 35 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than other facilities.

“We are incredibly proud that three of our nine branches have achieved this important certification and intend to bring every branch up to ENERGY STAR standards,” said Steve Avery, Vice President of Facilities for VSECU. “We have three ultimate goals – to use less energy, save money for our members, and provide a comfortable place for people to work.”

Applicants for ENERGY STAR certification are scored on a scale of 0-100 percent and must achieve 75 percent or higher to earn certification. VSECU’s Waterbury facility was rated at 86 percent and the St. Johnsbury facility came in at 87 percent. The credit union’s Rutland facility earned LEED – Gold certification in 2012 and ENERGY STAR certification in 2013 and is currently seeking its 2015 re-certification.

Built to LEED standards, the St. Johnsbury branch received the highest ENERGY STAR score of all VSECU facilities. Energy improvements to both branches included:

• High performance triple-glazed fiberglass windows (R-6.66 overall)
• Advanced heat pump heating and cooling system
• Enhanced ventilation and heat recovery
• Temperature and equipment monitoring with remote control
• High performance building shell (R-39 roof assembly, average of R-30 walls)

“As part of our Environmental Mission Statement, VSECU is committed to environmentally sound practices and services. These certifications are a key component of that mission,” said Avery. “We have successfully implemented efficiency plans, making significant gains each year and we can see every upgrade reflected in our ENERGY STAR profile.”