VSECU Employees Experience Homelessness to Support Vermont Youth


For the fourth consecutive year, Spectrum Youth and Family Services hosted their annual “sleep out” event in which 2,200 donors raised $235,000 to support the services Spectrum provides to Vermont’s youth.

This year, over 110 community and business leaders slept outside in rain and below freezing temperatures in solidarity with homeless and at-risk youth. VSECU’s Burlington Branch Manager Abbi Kiley and VP of Accounting Kasey Furness were amongst those in attendance.

“While I have gone winter camping before, this was the first time I did so while sporting a terrible cold. This was a real eye-opener to me as I laid cuddled up in my sleeping bag thinking that those that live without roofs over their heads don’t have the luxury of a warm bed to help comfort and aid them through a bad winter cold.” Abbi said.

Kasey shared “We found our way to the wet, muddy, cold and soggy ground to lay our cardboard boxes and sleeping bags all bunched together under a canopy. The cool crisp air was a bit refreshing and peaceful until you realize your alone, the ground beneath you begins to get colder and colder, and your pillow has become completely soaked.”

Spectrum’s mission is to empower teenagers, young adults, people with a history of violence, and their families to make and sustain positive changes through prevention, intervention, and life skills services. It’s events like this annual ‘sleep out’ that help make those services possible. Raising $1,400 towards the cause, Abbi and Kasey were happy to support Spectrum in the services they provide. Homelessness in Vermont is a serious issue that impacts more youth than often recognized.

Stuck In Vermont’s Spectrum’s Sleep Out Video

See VSECU’s Abbi Kiley at 5:24 in this video!