VSECU Helps Vermont Historical Society Preserve Our Past

Vhm donation

Vermont’s rich history is being carefully preserved by the dedicated staff and volunteers at the Vermont Historical Society. A recent $5,000 contribution from VSECU to the society’s Saving Vermont’s Treasures campaign will support their efforts to create three new gallery spaces in the Vermont History Center, located in an historical landmark, the Spaulding schoolhouse in Barre.

Once the project is complete, Vermonters will gain further access to their heritage through a Barre Heritage Gallery, a Special Exhibition Gallery and a Special Collections Gallery.

Exhibitions planned for these galleries will focus on “Vermonters in the Civil War,” “Vermont’s Quilt Legacy,” and “James Hope,” an artist from Castleton, Vermont.

The Vermont History Center welcomes 2,350 visitors each year who seek out Vermont’s story in the words, pictures and artifacts housed in the center. VSECU is proud to support the preservation of Vermont’s historical legacy, respectfully maintained for generations to come.

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Top photo: Judy Rosenstreich, member of VSECU’s Board of Directors and chair of the Charitable Giving Committee, presents a $5,000 contribution to Mark Hudson, executive director of the Vermont Historical Society.

Bottom photo: Rosenstreich and Hudson examine a picture in the Vermont History Center’s archives, housed in a temperature-controlled vault. Behind them can be seen rolls of quilts, carefully preserved.