Environmental Mission Statement

Although the VSECU is a not-for-profit financial cooperative first and foremost, the Board also works to find ways to explore and develop resources that will have a positive impact on our members, beyond financial security.

The mission statement below is for your review and the Board of Directors welcomes your feedback or reaction regarding this initiative. Please use the email link below to share your comments.

VSECU Environmental Mission Statement
The VSECU is committed to finding opportunities within both our operations and business products to promote environmentally sound choices for our employees and our member-owners. To achieve this objective, the VSECU seeks to:

  • Conduct its daily operations in ways which contribute to the health and well-being of its employees and members, as well as the community, the nation and the earth we inhabit;
  • Tailor its business products and services to encourage and reward environmentally sound choices by its member-owners;
  • Conduct its business activities (including procurement and disposal) in the most environmentally sound manner possible, and encourage its business partners to do the same;
  • Support organizations and programs whose objectives and actions contribute to a safe, clean and healthy environment for all; and
  • Provide and support educational and other opportunities that raise consciousness among our members and our community about atmospheric carbon deposits and other serious environmental threats.

Please email the VSECU Board of Directors at if you have any comments.

Environmental Partnerships

VSECU is partnered with the Vermont Business Environmental Partnership . The goals of the Partnership are to promote improved environmental and economic performance and to promote public recognition of environmental excellence.