VSECU Staff “Green Up” Vermont


VSECU offered employees up to two hours to “Green Up Vermont” during the work week from May 2-13. Many employees took up the offer and donned their heavy gloves and boots to go out onto Vermont’s roadways and waterways to pick up trash as well as debris from recent spring flooding

Many employees went out as individuals, but others went out as teams. While most individuals gathered trash in their neighborhoods, the teams concentrated their efforts in more public areas, such as the Berlin Pond Road, Berlin; Route 12 to Elmore; Route 12 to Northfield; and Route 64 to Williamstown. One of the teams brought their kayaks to Wrightsville Dam, a few miles from Montpelier, and scoured the shoreline for trash brought into the water during spring flooding. The teams reported finding the usual bottles, cans, and food wrappers, but the Wrightsville Dam team reported the most unusual finds: a “No Smoking” sign and a child’s broken tricycle.

VSECU, a sponsor of Green Up Vermont since 2004, encourages you to participate in Green Up Vermont and make it an every-day commitment. Please find proper receptacles for your trash and pick up trash where you see it. Let’s all help keep Vermont green!

For more photos, visit VSECU’s Facebook page, A Banking Co-op for All Vermonters.