VSECU Supports Local Social Entrepreneur and Do-Gooder

Do gooder

Could you change the world for the better?

VSECU member and social entrepreneur Stu McGowan has come up with an idea destined to make a huge social impact— ShareYourself, an online platform where do-gooder ideas gain the traction to change the world.

ShareYourself is designed to empower, educate, and support people with world-changing ideas by providing tools, resources, and talent needed to bring ideas to fruition. The platform will also benefit people who want to make a difference by matching them with the projects and organizations that will put their skills, talents, and passions to good use.

The platform website,, is currently in the development phase. Stu and his partner Lauren McKenna have developed a Kickstarter campaign to raise $15,000, to bring in $75,000 in donated talent from around the world for their “ShareYourself Hackathon” in October. The Hackathon is a week-long gathering of the minds, where technical and creative professionals will volunteer their time to quickly build out the website platform. After that, Stu and his crew will be ready to begin pilot projects and put the product to the test.

VSECU has pledged $500 to the cause and invites you to support the effort. Kickstarter rewards are offered for donations of $10 and up. If you would like to see ShareYourself launch and support people who want to work for a better world, you can donate to the cause via their Kickstarter page.