Wading through credit card bills from holiday shopping and dreaming of a vacation?

Special savings acct medium

Tired of wading through the credit card bills from your holiday shopping? Waiting for your tax refund to help replace savings you dipped into to make it through the holiday season? Wishing you could still take a vacation? There is an easier way to plan for the gift-giving season and get away on a vacation too – take advantage of the special saving accounts at VSECU.

Special saving accounts are savings accounts that allow you to save for your holiday purchases, vacation, property taxes… anything really. And at VSECU they earn monthly interest! You can deposit money into the account on a reoccurring basis over the next year and you’ll have what you need for the next holiday season or to go on a relaxing vacation.

Special savings accounts are more flexible than traditional “club accounts.” With a special savings account you can change the frequency and amounts of deposits or even stop them if needed. You can access your funds at any time without penalties for using them early or using them for something other than the original intended goal. VSECU special savings accounts earn interest monthly, and on a tiered structure that pays the highest annual percentage yield up front!

With a special savings account you won’t have to worry about starting the New Year with holiday shopping credit card bills and you might even have enough to take that vacation. So go ahead, make your holidays a little brighter and reduce your stress by planning ahead for next year. Stop by any of our branch locations or open your special savings account online today.