We're Expanding Our Network

Shared branching article

Wish you lived closer to a VSECU branch. Soon, you will!

The CO-OP Shared Branching Network is a network of shared credit union branches that extends across the United States. VSECU is joining the network in 2018. This means that you will be able to walk into a credit union within the network and conduct transactions as if you are in a VSECU branch. This will be great when you’re traveling, if you are going to school in another state, or if you move permanently out of state but want to maintain your account with us. It will also be good if you are a Vermonter who doesn’t live near a VSECU branch. Wherever you go, you will be closer than ever to a VSECU branch.

In Vermont, you will have access to 24 additional branch locations around the state, through North Country Federal Credit Union, Vermont Federal Credit Union, and Heritage Family Credit Union. Across the United States, shared branching will expand our network to over 5,600 branches and 7,000 locations nationwide. The reason there are more locations than branches is that not all locations include a branch (for example, some of them are teller machines).

We have started the process of entering the network and will be fully up and running in 2018. We will reach out to members as the launch date nears.