Wheels for Warmth Starts October 17, 2016

Wheels for Warmth

Help your Vermont neighbors stay warm this winter by donating your tires in October

VSECU is sponsoring Wheels for Warmth in 2016, a program that was established in 2005 to achieve three goals:

  1. To raise funds for emergency fuel assistance
  2. To create a resource of DMV-inspected tires that are deemed safe for at least one season
  3. To provide a convenient, inexpensive way to dispose of unwanted tires

To participate in Wheels for Warmth, collect your old tires and drop them off at one of the locations listed below during the given time period. If your tires are deemed usable by the DMV, they will be made available to Vermont families and people in need, at affordable prices (no more than $25). If your tires just won’t make it another year, you will pay a tax deductible $4 fee.

100% of proceeds from Wheels for Warmth are donated to the Emergency Fuel Program at Capstone of Central Vermont, the Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity (CVOEO), and BROC (serving Bennington and Rutland counties) to help keep needy Vermonters warm during the harsh winter months.

Donate Your Tires

Tire Sale

Saturday, October 28 – 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM

DuBois Construction
46 Three Mile Bridge Rd, Montpelier

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Casella Construction
Route 4, Mendon

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