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A Comprehensive Guide to EV Charging Apps

Join Oliver from VSECU as he explains the best apps for Electric Vehicle (EV) owners in Vermont. This informative guide covers essential information about charging networks and apps that are critical for EV owners, especially for emergencies or long-distance travel.



Below is a summary of the apps mentioned in the video above, designed to enhance the convenience and ease of charging and traveling with an electric vehicle. These apps offer essential information on charging locations, networks, and features to ensure your EV remains road-ready at all times. An overview of each app is provided, including download links for both iOS and Android devices.

PlugShare – A community-based app to find charging locations, rate experiences, and access details about charging providers. iOS | Android

EVgo – A charging network provider app to access all EVgo chargers across Vermont. Requires an EVgo account. iOS | Android

Electrify America – A charging network provider app known for fast and reliable charging stations, especially useful for long-distance road trips. iOS | Android

Blink – A critical charging network provider app for Vermont, partnering with the state to provide fast chargers across the state. iOS | Android

ChargePoint – A massive distributor of EV charging stations, offering a vast network of level two chargers for an affordable price. iOS | Android

Flow – An app installed during the setup of the free EV charger that many Green Mountain Power customers receive when purchasing an EV. Useful for DC fast charging in Vermont. iOS | Android

Apple Wallet and Apple Maps – Convenient tools for adding charging cards directly into the app.

Google Maps – Useful for finding charging stations and ratings. iOS | Android

A Better Route Planner – A powerful app for planning long-distance trips with EVs, selecting charging stations, and checking availability. iOS | Android

While these apps may not be necessary for daily use, they are helpful for emergencies or long-distance travel. EV owners in Vermont will undoubtedly benefit from Oliver’s informative guide. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe to VSECU for more EV-related content!


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