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Paul Lesure

About Paul Lesure

Paul Lesure’s passion for renewables began at a young age. Growing up in an old drafty house, he marveled at his neighbor’s passive solar home and the comfort it provided. His passion for the environment led him to pursue a degree in environmental conservation from the University of New Hampshire. Paul entered the solar market with the Vermont solar manufacturer AllEarth Renewables, working as the sales account manager for northern New England, where he recruited and trained dealers to develop and install solar projects using AllEarth solar trackers. By the end of his tenure, Paul led tracker sales nationwide, working his way up to national sales manager. In 2017, Paul founded Green Mountain Solar, a local company that prioritizes customer service and helps Vermonters access high quality solar and energy storage products. Paul also worked to convert his 1840’s farmhouse into the comfortable solar-powered house he always envied growing up.
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