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Meet Lottie and Learn How We Can Fight Hunger in Vermont

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Chances are that you know someone who wasn’t sure where their next meal was coming from. In fact, the chances are around 33%—the percentage of Vermonters who, since 2020, have been faced with an impossible choice between paying for necessities or putting food on the table.

Take Lottie’s story: Lottie is a single mom working full-time to afford transportation costs, childcare, rent, and groceries. Unexpected expenses, like fixing a flat tire, have left her wondering how to pay for everything.

“It was either: fix the tire and go without milk and eggs, or go missing work until I got the tire fixed,” said Lottie. Thankfully, during hard times like this, she can turn to her community for support, including local food shelves and the Vermont Foodbank.

It’s because of stories like Lottie’s that VSECU supports the Vermont Foodbank.

“VSECU’s mission is to improve the quality of life for all Vermonters, and that starts with meeting their essential needs. We are proud to support the Vermont Foodbank and help fight hunger in Vermont.”

Simeon Chapin, head of community impact at VSECU

Since 2018, VSECU has helped raise over $750,000, which has allowed the Vermont Foodbank to distribute 1,000,000 meals to Vermonters like Lottie. To put that in perspective, just $30 is enough to provide a week’s worth of meals for Lottie and her daughter and help them avoid the impossible choice between food and other necessities.

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