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Online Jobs – Real or Scam?

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Looking for online employment? Use these tips to find good work without getting scammed.

Download a PDF version of our Online Jobs – Real or Scam? infographic.

Online Jobs - Real or Scam? infographic

Work From Home Online Jobs: How to Tell if it’s a Scam

The lure of working from home, spending more time with your family, and determining your own schedule is understandable. Knowing if an opportunity is a scam or legitimate can be difficult however. This guide will show you a few ways to research the job to help determine if it’s something you should consider.


Many people will alert the Better Business Bureau when something goes awry; both as a customer and employee. Check to see if any complaints have been filed against the company.

Search Results

An internet search can uncover reviews, testimonials, even videos from people who have experience with work from home companies. Conduct a search for the company.


Ask a representative of the company a lot of questions and request follow-up documentation (especially about pay structure). Also ask to speak with someone who is currently doing the job.

Company Website

Review the company website and look for their value proposition. Be leery of sites that contain a lot of ‘buzz words’ and high level empty promises. Look for facts and value.

Look for a Competitor

Compare job opportunities with similar companies to see what the differences are. Don’t jump at the first work-from-home job you’re offered without doing research first.

Get Social

Ask your friends on social media if they have experience or knowledge of the company you’re considering working with. You can also choose to make your post public and use hashtags to broaden your audience.

Create Opportunity

An alternative to online offers for employment is creating your own opportunity with companies and organizations you’re already familiar with. Inquire to see if they’re looking for someone with your skills to take on work you can do from home, freeing up time for their staff.

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