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Our 7 Favorite Websites for Car Shopping

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We cover our 7 favorite websites, comparing their features, strengths, and weaknesses.

Download a PDF version of our Car Buying Websites infographic.

Car Buying Websites infographic

Our 7 Favorite Websites for Car Shopping

There are an incredible number of resources available online to shop for and buy a car, but which are best? How about which sites are best for YOU? Not all resources are created equal, so we put together a quick-reference guide to help you find the best option for you!


National Automotive Dealers Association (NADA)

The NADA is a group that represents new-car dealers before Congress, federal agencies, and the general public. They offer consumers a variety of resources for buying new and used cars. This is a great tool for dealership pricing although it lacks some of the used and trade-in tools of other sites.

  • Work directly with dealerships all over the country
  • Offer pricing tools, vehicle record searches, and more


Kelley Blue Book

KBB began as a dealership, then evolved into an independent pricing tool available only to businesses. Today it’s an independent service that offers new and used pricing to consumers and businesses alike. KBB also has great research tool and tons of reviews and awards to help you search.

  • Feature-rich with lots of new, used, & trade-in pricing
  • Includes actual dealership stock local to you



Edmonds is one of the most research-oriented sites on this list. They started as a paperback publication, and have stayed true to their consumer-centric roots. They feature new and used car pricing along with ‘Find a Dealer’ options, appraisal tools for your current car, selling tips, crash test results and more.

  • Tons of different tools for every stage of the process
  • Lots of great calculators and tools for new & used


Consumer Reports

One of the most trusted names in America, Consumer Reports is the only site on this list that charges you for full access to their resources. BUT- they also have the most data, some of the best reviews, and great comparison guides. They are also the most independent of all the sites in this guide.

  • Most non-biased website on this list, great for new cars
  • Comprehsneive comparisons and ratings- great data



A relatively new resource, TRUECar focuses on pricing accuracy for consumers looking to buy. This means comparing dealer prices with what other buyers have paid, and giving you a price range to expect based on your location and vehicle of choice. It’s a little light on research, but great at pricing.

  • Great pricing options tools based on region & more
  • Sell and/or buy your car right on their website

One of the first online automotive classifieds, has grown to offer a ton of services. They have a lot of videos, and very in depth descriptions of the cars they list. It is really designed as a start-finish resource, so you can price your new car and get ready to sell or trade-in your current ride.

  • Most non-biased website on this list, great for new cars
  • Comprehsneive comparisons and ratings- great data


Auto Trader

Auto Trader also has a history stemming from paperback distribution. Their site, like their print publication, focuses mostly on the buying process. They lack the research tools of some other sites but make up by offering one of the most comprehensive options for looking at cars for sale near you.

  • Access to huge list of dealers and new/used options
  • Great for fast & easy searches and ball park pricing

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