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Should I Finance My Home with a Local Mortgage Lender?

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When you finance your home, you have choices. You can go with a big-name bank or keep your money closer to home at your local credit union or bank. Bigger banks can leverage their resources to offer some compelling conveniences, like 24/7 support or simplified online processes, but they are not always the best choice. Local financial institutions can offer a more personalized and holistic experience simply because they are small and local.

Working with a local financial institution that keeps your servicing local has benefits. It keeps your money local, where it can fund local projects and pay wages to local workers. It also allows you to work with people you know and trust. Rather than speaking with a customer service representative you’ve never met, you can walk into or call your local branch and discuss your concerns with someone you have developed a relationship with. You’re not just an account number to your local branch manager or member service consultant. You are a full-fleshed person with a story that they know. When things go wrong or the numbers don’t look perfect, they will be able to make decisions based on what they know about your character and your history (not just on the cold financial facts).


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When you work with a local mortgage lender, you are also able to satisfy all your financial needs in one location. You can have a checking account and savings account with the same lender, which will allow you to easily set up automatic payments to your mortgage account, and keep all your loans and savings under one roof. Having made that local connection, you won’t have to search online for financial advice, you’ll be able to make a call or stop in for guidance on how to fund your next home project or which savings options will earn you the best return.

The best part about financing through a local mortgage lender is that the people who work there know your community and the area that you are investing in. They can help you find products and services you need as you purchase and move into your new home, such as fuel-buying groups, home inspectors, area contractors, and even home décor shops.

When your local financial institution services your loan, you’re not just receiving a mortgage, you’re getting personal, one-on-one service from people who live nearby. The mortgage originators at your local credit union or bank are interested in creating a relationship with you so they can help you with your financial needs today and in the future. And the better they get to know you, the better they can help you find solutions.


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Tammy Farnham

About Tammy Farnham

With over 26 years of credit union experience, Tammy Farnham is a mortgage originator who serves the mortgage needs of Vermont families in Northeastern and Central Vermont, including Essex, Caledonia, Orange, Orleans and Washington Counties. Tammy enjoys helping Vermonters with their financial needs and assisting borrowers with their mortgage needs. Tammy grew up in Plainfield, where she currently lives with her husband and two grown children. She spends her free time helping with her family business, Farnham Farm Maple Sugaring. She likes to do crafts and gardening and spend time with family, friends, and her dog Callie.
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