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Why Go Solar? [7 Reasons]

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In today’s world, there are very few reasons NOT to go solar. So why go solar? Solar equipment is becoming more affordable and community solar arrays make it possible for those who rent their home, or have a site with poor sun exposure or other barriers to a solar installation, to benefit from an off-site solar array. This article will focus on 7 more reasons.


The sun is giving it away for free – Sunlight is free. The sun rises every day (even if we can’t see it through the clouds) and it offers its energy to us generously.


The equipment used for solar is kinder to the planet – If you’ve installed photovoltaic (PV) panels to receive the free sunlight, you can create energy with very little negative impact on the environment. Panels are constructed with different types of silicon, depending on which type of panel you use. Silicon is a semiconductor that has a minimal negative impact on the environment. They are often installed with metal frames, glass, wire, and Plexiglas – all of which have a much lower impact on the environment than fossil fuels and the large infrastructure currently used to distribute electricity. Plus, at the end of its useful life, most of the equipment can be recycled.


By using solar, you also reduce costs for others – When you invest in solar, you generate your own electricity from the sun, and any excess goes back to the grid that services your community. This means the electric company doesn’t have to increase its capacity to take care of your needs, and it may mean electric utilities purchase LESS high-priced and often non-renewable electricity from their suppliers. As more people go solar, and our utilities and power suppliers get better at distributing this energy, everyone pays less to build and repair the infrastructure that produces and distributes electricity.

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Your investment in solar equipment comes back to you – Once your system is up and running, you may not notice a big drop in monthly payments because your solar production will generate credits with your electric utility, which are applied to your monthly bill. During the sunny months, you’ll build more credits than you need and these can be applied to your bill in the winter months. You will pay the loan you used to finance the solar system, but your electric bill should offset most or all of your loan payments. Once the loan is paid off, you will be producing your own electricity free and clear!


Low interest loans and rebates make solar affordable – Solar energy is supported by the government through rebates, incentives, and discounted loan products.


Going solar is a learning experience – It’s fun to learn, and going solar is a great opportunity to challenge your mind. You don’t have to know everything about renewable energy and semiconductors to use solar, but if you’re curious about green technology, a solar purchase is a safe investment and it contributes to our clean energy economy.


Solar is just the beginning – solar energy is one solution that reduces our reliance on fossil fuels and inefficient energy sources. There are now cold climate heat pumps that offer heating and cooling solutions that complement solar investments, and have the potential to save energy and money. Other solutions are on their way! By investing in solar, you’re investing in the larger system of organizations, experts, and scientists who are developing innovations for reducing carbon emissions and our negative impact on the environment.


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Laurie directs VSECU’s VGreen energy savings loan program. Previously, she worked for the weatherization program at the Central Vermont Community Action Council (now Capstone), and for a successful residential solar installer. She enjoys helping Vermonters learn about efficiency and renewable financing options that maximize the savings of these smart investments. She lives in Woodbury with her family and enjoys the outdoors, walking the dog, and tackling home improvement projects.
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