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VSECU Tackles Hunger in Vermont

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We are proud to be part of the solution when it comes to ending hunger in Vermont. We look for opportunities throughout the state that support fulfilling this basic and essential need for every Vermonter. Here are a few stories about the impact VSECU has had on Vermont’s hunger challenges:

Food Connects

Social Impact Profile Excerpt Image - Food Connects

Food Connects is a catalyst for food system change in New England and beyond. They work with community, state, and federal partners to cultivate healthy food and farm connections in classrooms, cafeterias, and communities in and around Windham County. In a region in which one in four children faces food insecurity, school meals are sometimes the only substantial food students eat each day. Food Connects will use the $5,000 donation to improve over one million school meals for roughly 7,000 students at more than 30 schools annually. Read more

Hunger Free Vermont

VSECU Donates to Hunger Free Vermont

In the midst of Vermont’s beautiful rural landscape, the presence of hunger and food insecurity is often hidden from view. Nonetheless, it is achingly real for thousands of Vermonters. One in ten Vermonters, including one in seven children, self-identify themselves as food-insecure – that is, they do not always know when they will eat again or what they will eat. However, the number of our state’s residents who live on the razor’s edge of vulnerability to hunger is much higher: according to the U.S. Census, 166,374 Vermont residents have incomes low enough to qualify them for federal food assistance programs such as 3SquaresVT. Read More

Letter Carriers Food Drive

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Every quarter, our Rutland VSECU branch organizes an effort to make a food donation in the community. Recently we decided to contribute the food donations we collected at our branch to the annual Letter Carrier Food Drive. Read More

North Barre Manor Holiday Food Volunteer Day

Social Impact Profile Excerpt Image - North Barre Manor Holiday Food Volunteer Day

A team of VSECU staff and board members volunteered at North Barre Manor to help distribute fresh produce directly to 120 elderly and disabled residents in time for the holidays. The food was transported to the site by a VSECU sponsored Vermont Foodbank Truck. Read More

Volunteer Night at Vermont Foodbank

Social Impact Profile Excerpt Image - Volunteer Night at Vermont Foodbank

As part of our participation in Hunger Action Month, 8 VSECU volunteers sorted 7,183 pounds of food at the Vermont Foodbank’s Barre warehouse, preparing it for distribution to food shelves throughout the state. The food will create 10,800 meals to feed our neighbors in need. Read More

Hunger Action Month

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During Hunger Action Month, we activated our branches by raising awareness to the problem of hunger and collecting donations to feed hungry Vermonters. Montpelier high school art students created and installed an interactive crow sculpture, recalling the Abenaki legend that inspired the Vermont Foodbank’s logo. During the month, donors were given one orange spoon for every dollar donated to place in the sculpture and symbolically feed the crow. On September 30th, the filled sculpture traveled to the statehouse lawn where 153,000 orange spoons were placed in the lawn to signify the number of Vermonters who receive food assistance each year. Read More