Vermont Works

Powering Investment in Vermont’s Entrepreneurs and Start-ups

Thriving economies are supported by sustainable, quality jobs worked by robust populations. Vermont Works is an investment management company that provides growth-stage capital through a social impact fund for businesses that offer attractive jobs and are looking to expand or relocate to Vermont. By attracting more working-age people to the state, we can broaden our tax base and empower Vermonters to achieve greater financial stability. Visit Vermont Works Now.




Who it Helps:

Vermont Works’ social impact fund focuses on impact investing in employment and economic development, sustainable living, and health and wellness. More specifically, the fund focuses on investing in companies that pay livable wages and those that promise to help Vermont attract more people of working age. Learn More

How it Works:

Vermont Works manages capital raised by investors to provide necessary funds to businesses that are growing out of the start-up phase. In addition to capital, the investment firm is dedicated to providing a nurturing environment for businesses poised to make a positive impact on Vermont. Visit Vermont Works

About the Partnership:

A number of Vermont organizations offer seed capital for start-ups to support entrepreneurs develop their burgeoning businesses. Among these organizations are Milk Money, VCET (Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies), Vermont Community Foundation, Fresh Tracks, and many more. While capital and resources abound for early stage business development, the same is not true for growth stage development. This is the gap that Vermont Works fills, making equity investments in existing companies that are expected to grow, expand, or restructure. VSECU powers Vermont Works through its wholly owned, independently operated subsidiary Vermont Heritage Financial Group, Inc.

Investments made through Vermont Works are not federally insured by NCUA, involve investment risk, may lose value and are not obligations of or guaranteed by the credit union.


Our vision is to inspire a movement that brings people together to empower the possibilities for greater financial, environmental and social prosperity. As part of fulfilling this vision, we “power” initiatives that represent innovative efforts to stimulate social and economic opportunities through collaboration and cooperation.