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Student LIFT

Applications have been closed. Learn about 2016’s winners.

VSECU strives to improve the quality of life for Vermonters by helping to meet their essential needs. We believe that every Vermonter needs to be fed, have a roof over their head, stay warm during winter months, and be financially literate.

Student LIFT (Loan Independence for Today) is a loan repayment program for those who have attended school for the purposes of higher education and are still making student loan payments. We understand many Vermonters carry the burden of student loan debt long after the days of attending school have ended. Unlike a scholarship or grant that helps before or during the enrollment period, Student LIFT reduces the burden associated with ongoing monthly student loan payments.

The Student LIFT program challenges qualified applicants to come up with an idea that will help improve the quality of life for Vermonters and/or Vermont communities. The program will award $15,000 in student loan payments annually. Three award recipients will each receive a $5,000 award deposited into a special savings account at VSECU to make the recipient’s monthly loan payments up to the award amount.