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Solar Loan Options

You’ve made the choice to go solar, congratulations! You’ll be pleased to learn that all of the VSECU Energy Saving Loans are available to you as affordable financing options for your solar upgrade.

Large Solar Projects

If you’re considering powering your entire home with solar or investing in a large solar project on your property our Energy Improvement Mortgage may be right for you. With the ability to extend the terms beyond a traditional mortgage, that large project won’t necessarily mean a large increase to your monthly payment.

If your large project means your going completely “off the grid” our Off Grid Mortgage can help make your new lifestyle more affordable than you think.

Smaller Solar Projects

For medium to small sized solar projects VSECU has several options to fit your budget. If you would like to use the existing equity in your home to finance the project you can take advantage of either our Discounted Energy Improvement Home Equity Loan or our Longer Term Energy Improvement Home Equity Loan. Another option is our Energy Improvement Loan which is an unsecured, often referred to as a “personal,” loan. The Energy Improvement Loan is offered at reduced rates in comparison to a traditional personal loan because you’re using it for energy improvements.

Regardless of the size of your project VSECU makes going solar more affordable than you may have assumed. Still not sure if the payments will work for your budget? Select the loan that fits your needs and get preapproved today!