Windham County Solar Program

This program ended March 31, 2017. For information about VGreen products currently available vist the VGreen overview page.

Windham County residents can take advantage of affordable, local financing for solar PV and solar hot water systems for residential or group net-metered (aka ‘community’) systems located in Windham County. This program is made possible by a grant from the state’s Clean Energy Development Fund, VSECU is offering additional discounts off already discounted VGreen energy savings loans. Unsecured or secured loan options are available with terms ranging to 15 years. VSECU lending staff will work with borrowers to determine suitable financing for the project or purchase. Standard underwriting criteria apply.

Brought to you by the Vermont Public Service Department’s Clean Energy Development Fund


Single ground mounted




Community array


Windham County residents are eligible to finance solar photo voltaic (PV) or solar thermal projects attached to owner-occupied dwellings, or on a qualified property suitable for a net-metered residential or group net-metered systems located in Windham County. Financing panels in a community group net-metered solar array is eligible if the array is located in Windham County and is not larger than 500 kW. Eligible expenses related to the purchase or installation may be included, such as roof removal/repair or structural reinforcement within program limits

If a project requires a SHPO compliance form signed by the State Historic Preservation Office, it must be submitted to VSECU prior to loan disbursement.

Income Qualifications Loan Type/Term
Unsecured or secured**
up to 15 years
Over $76,440 -0.50%
Between $50,960 – $76,440 -1.00%
Below $50,960 -1.50%

*Interest rate buy-down amounts are subtracted from the current VGreen loan rate. The actual dollar amount of the buy-down will depend on the amount of loan, credit analysis of borrower, cost of funds and/or other factors.

**Maximum loan amount is $40,000. Secured loan minimum amount borrowed is $5,000.

As an example, a loan amount of $20,000 with a qualified income of $60,000; a 5.90% APR; and a 15-year term would receive: A 4.90% APR (includes the 1.00% buy-down) resulting in 180 monthly payments of $157.12, totaling $28,281.33. Median Family Income (MFI) calculations for this program are set at Brattleboro are median family income for FY 2014 ($63,700). HUD income qualifiation guidelines apply.


  1. Work with an eligible installer or vendor to choose the right purchase for your home:
  2. Complete the Windham Solar Loan form with the installer or vendor.
  3. Provide a copy of your project quote from your installer or vendor.
  4. Apply for your loan online:
    Note: Type ‘Windham Solar Loan’ in the comments section of the online application
    1. Energy Improvement Loan application or;
    2. Discounted Energy Improvement Home Equity Loan application in the Mortgage Center
  5. Retain your Windham Solar Loan form until a representative from VSECU contacts you to discuss your loan application.