Green Vehicle Loans

The Green Vehicle Loan offers lower rates and extended terms to help make financing that hybrid, electric, alternative fuel or high fuel economy rated vehicle easy. With so many options for green vehicles available, we designed this loan to fit every make and model that fit your lifestyle. At VSECU not only do you get one of the lowest rates in Vermont, but whether you’re home on the computer, or at the dealership, VSECU makes it simple to use our online or at the dealership application. To make things even easier, we also work with participating dealers who can take your loan application on the lot and determine if you qualify for a vehicle loan from VSECU.



Fixed rates give you easy to manage, predictable payments that can help make getting into a green car even easier.


Discounted rates make it easier for you to buy a hybrid, electric, or other high fuel economy vehicle.


Our Green Vehicle loan will let you finance up to 110% of the high NADA book value of your new car.


We offer 6 year terms for used vehicles and 8 year terms for new vehicles.


Gas/Electric hybrids are popular high-efficiency vehicles; our Green Vehicle Loans are a great way to join the crowd.


Electric vehicles are becoming more popular than ever, and we even have a VSECU charging station.


Alternative fuels like fuel cells, ethanol, natural gas, propane, and hydrogen qualify for the Green Vehicle Loan.


This loan also works for conventional vehicles- see if your vehicle qualifies at

Please Note: The combined MPG (miles per gallon) is a weighted calculation with more emphasis on the city miles. This loan is not available for scooters, mopeds or motorcycles. This loan is for a car or truck purchase only.

The Green Vehicle Loan is available for vehicles meeting certain requirements. However, this loan is not for the financing of scooters, mopeds or motorcycles. This loan is available for cars and trucks only.


Be sure to check out the AutoSMART service we provide for members. This one stop shopping resource provides information about the value of your existing auto, suggested retail prices for new and used autos, plus much more. If you already have a vehicle loan with another financial institution let us help you save money with your monthly payment.

Enter the amount you wish to borrow:

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Monthly Payment
24 Months 1.45%
36 Months 1.75%
48 Months 1.95%
60 Months 2.49%
72 Months 2.95%
84 Months 3.75%
96 Months 5.25%

APR = Annual Percentage Rate. APR is effective as of 12/15/2016 and reflects the current minimum APR offered. Estimated monthly payments shown are based on a $10,000 loan. Other rates and terms may be available. The APR may be adjusted based on individual credit standing and term. Calculated payments shown are for estimation purposes only. Actual loan payment amount will be disclosed at loan closing and may differ slightly.

Apply:You can apply for most of our loan products online. Our online loan application offers quick results, sometimes letting qualified applicants know of approval instantly. Contact a Member Service Consultant with any questions.

Quick Tip: If you are already a member and want to apply for a product online, it’s easier to apply once you’ve logged into our Online Banking system. That way we can save you time by pre-filling the application with the general information we already have on file for you.