Certificates of Deposit (CDs) are secure, high-yield savings accounts that can help you earn more on money you don’t need immediate access to. You can open a CD with as little as $500 at terms as short as six months or as long as five years. If you are saving for something special or need a low-risk savings option for money you’re not ready to invest in the markets, a CD could be the perfect choice for you.


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High annual yield


Certificates offer a higher APY than regular savings for money you won’t need right away.

Fixed rate


Certificates feature a fixed rate so you can build your savings confidently with a guaranteed rate of return.

Interest withdrawal


Interest earnings are compounded and credited monthly and can be withdrawn without penalty

Safe and secure


A CD is one of the safest investments you can make. Federally insured, CDs are a great way to achieve your goals.

Are you looking to maintain access to your money and still earn a high rate of return? Our VGreen Money Market account offers a higher yield than traditional savings accounts while allowing you to make up to six transactions per month.


Account Type Minimum Daily Balance to Earn APY Minimum Balance to Open Account APY
Six-Month $500 $500 1.00%
One-Year $500 $500 .95%
Eighteen-Month $500 $500 .90%
Two-Year $500 $500 .85%
Three-Year $500 $500 .80%
Four-Year $500 $500 .75%
Five-Year $500 $500 .70%

Annual percentage yields (APYs) listed for certificate accounts also apply to any certificate accounts regardless of type (i.e., fiduciary, rep payee, trust, POA, etc.). APYs effective as of 3/23/2020 and may change at maturity. Fees could reduce earnings. Early withdrawal penalties may apply.

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