Closing Costs

Our Mortgage Originators have your best interests in mind and are here to make sure you understand your mortgage closing costs.

Item Fee
Origination Fee Each point is equal to 1% of the loan amount
Discount Points Each point is equal to 1% of the loan amount
Appraisal $500 single family or $650 2-4 family
Property Inspection $125 final inspections for completion of property or other repairs
Credit Report $34 for single person or married couple
Lenders Inspection $750 if construction loan, $375 for modular 5/1 ARM
Tax Service Fee $88
Underwriting $375
Flood Certification $9
Settlement Agent $300
Title Search $650 for purchase, $400 for refinance
Title Insurance $170 for $50,000 or less, $170 + [(Loan Amount/1000-50) x 2.25]
Recording Fee $230
Vermont Department of Taxes
(For Purchase transactions only)
For Primary Residence
0.005 x sales price up to $100,000 Any amount over $100,000 × .0145
Secondary Residence
(vacation home, investment property etc.)
0.0145 x Entire Sales Price