VHeat Fuel Buying Program

VHeat is a program offered exclusively to VSECU members to make heating your home or business easier and more affordable. VSECU negotiates reduced pricing with several participating fuel dealers for a variety of home heating fuel types.


As part of the VHeat program, you’ll enjoy several benefits that help simplify the heating season.

Payment system


A payment system that automatically debits what you owe from your account after each delivery.

Automatic delivery


Receive your fuel deliveries on an automatic schedule that’s convenient and hassle-free.

Special accounts feature


Insufficient funds in your VHeat Clearing account? Your VHeat Credit Line will automatically cover the amount due.


Enter your zip code below and select your fuel type(s) to view dealers serving your area.

View price type definitions.


Once you have decided on fuel type and price type for a fuel dealer, select returning or new participant to enroll.

Automatic Renewal: Your participation in the VHeat program will automatically renew each year unless you choose to cancel.
Returning participants must enroll for the 2017-18 heating season to take advantage of automatic renewal.

Returning Participant

New Participant


Rack Plus will fluctuate depending upon wholesale cost and market conditions. Rack Plus pricing allows you to take advantage of lower heating fuel prices if prices drop during the heating season and does not require you to pre-buy your fuel. There is a possibility at times our Rack Plus price could be the same as the provider’s retail price* or more. We cannot guarantee the Rack Plus price will always be lower than the retail price.
Fuel dealers offering Rack Plus pricing: Barrows and Fisher Oil Co., Energy Co-op of Vermont, Irving Oil and Trono Fuels.

Laid in Cost is the wholesale fuel cost plus shipping and includes any applicable taxes.
Fuel dealers offering Laid in Cost pricing: Suburban Propane.

Discount off Retail is the retail price* less the discounted amount.
Fuel dealers offering Discount off Retail pricing: Bourne’s Energy.

Fixed pricing is offered by some VHeat dealers and is subject to availability. Before enrolling in VHeat, please contact your selected fuel dealer directly to lock in a fixed fuel price, and be sure to tell them you are a VHeat member in order to receive the negotiated discount. Some fuel dealers require customers to pre-buy their estimated seasonal amount at the beginning of the heating season.
Fuel dealers offering Fixed pricing: Irving Oil.

* Retail price is the price quoted by a fuel dealer on any given day, without taking any discounts or program deals into account.