Money Management Resources

At VSECU, we encourage our members to learn about managing their personal finances and saving money. Financial education is important for all ages beginning with simple lessons about the value of money for preschoolers, progressing to more complex lessons about understanding credit for young adults and evolving into planning for retirement.

It doesn’t matter what age you are, there is always more to learn about managing your personal finances. VSECU can give you some tools and suggest some helpful web sites to get you started.


Office of the Vermont State Treasurer
The Vermont state treasurer’s office is a great place to start to find all kinds of financial resources.

Smart About Money
The nonprofit National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) offers solid and relevant financial information. Check out NEFE’s Smart About Money web site and take a look at their timely ‘Economic Survival Tips.’ Also, NEFE offers a beginner’s guide to financial readiness called Your Spending, Your Savings, Your Future, a comprehensive booklet you can download from the web site. This is a great resource for any young adult preparing for financial independence.

Practical Money Skills for Life
Check out this comprehensive web site with information for all life events: saving for college, buying a car, renting an apartment, marriage, divorce, parenting, retirement and more.

FICO Credit Scoring
Like it or not, your credit history and FICO® credit score may affect whether you can get a loan, rent an apartment, obtain insurance and even get hired for a job. That’s why it’s important to know what goes into the calculation of your score.
This is a great resource compiled by the U.S. government with a wealth of information and tools including calculators, budget worksheets, as well as lesson plans for teachers and parents. Not only does it offer information and activities, it points users to additional government resources. It’s a comprehensive website for people of all ages.


Getting ready for college? When it comes to college, it’s all about preparation. In addition to signing up for your classes, buying books and making new friends, you will have new responsibilities—managing your money! Here’s information that will help you plan, pay for and manage your financial life during your college years.

Thrive by Five
Looking for lessons for your preschooler? Start simple, but start early with great suggestions by the Credit Union National Association.

Credit Unions Rock
And do we rock! Credit unions are more in style than ever. Why? Because we have become a friend that people can trust as a safe place for their money. We are a safe place to learn how to manage money, too.

National Endowment for Financial Education
NEFE’s High School Financial Planning Program is used by middle and high school teachers throughout the country. Access the program online, or order the free materials.

Vermont Jump$tart
VSECU is a founding member of Vermont Jump$tart, a nonprofit organization promoting financial literacy to students of all ages. Learn what they are doing to help teachers and parents find resources to teach financial literacy to Vermont’s young people.

Additional Online Resources
This page, hosted by, provides overviews on basic financial concepts as well as links to additional games, information, and resources for parents and teachers.