Bill Pay

VSECU Bill Pay is a fast and convenient way to pay bills. The Bill Pay service reduces stress and saves you time. Sign up today from within Online Banking. Not enrolled in Online Banking? Click ‘enroll’ under the Online Banking login in the upper right hand corner of the webpage. You can also access Bill Pay by phone at 855 874-2836. The service is free and enables you to:

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When you sign up for Bill Pay you’ll save money on stamps and envelopes.

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Bill Pay will help reduce the clutter coming in and going out of your mailbox.

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Within Bill Pay you have the ability to establish recurring payments and schedule future dated payments.

Click here to watch a helpful video about Bill Pay.


Schedule your payments for the day they are due and the new system will ensure they reach the payee on time, regardless of whether they are sent electronically or by check. All of your payees will now appear in one list, making it easier to set up several payments and submit them all with just one button.

By-phone 855 874-2836

How your payment is processed:

Electronic payment Electronic Payment
If you opt for your payment to be sent electronically, the funds will be debited from your account the same day the payment is scheduled.

Check payment Payment by Check
If you opt for your payment to be sent by check, the funds will be debited from your account when the check is cleared. This is different from payment processing in the past. Your check will arrive on time but funds will not be debited until your check is cashed.

Payment processing icon Payment Processing
It is likely that Bill Pay will initially process some payments by check for the first few months until you have established a good payment history. Thereafter, more of your payments will begin to process electronically (if your payee(s) accept electronic funds). You will be notified of the payment processing type when you finalize your scheduled payment.