Mobile Deposit

Depositing funds into your account is now as easy as taking a picture! With our Mobile Deposit feature you can easily deposit funds into your account any time of the day or night simply by taking a picture of a check and uploading it. Fast, easy and secure, banking with VSECU on your mobile device is perfect for busy lifestyles and convenient for those times you can’t get to a branch. Visit our Mobile Banking page to learn how to enroll and to download the Mobile Banking app.



If you have cell phone service or wifi, you can deposit a check. Just because you can’t reach a branch doesn’t mean you can’t make a deposit.


New accounts, members under 18 years of age, and those not using overdraft protection will have lower deposit limits. See tables below for more information.


Just sign your check and take pictures- it’s that easy. Great for making sure you don’t forget to make a deposit or if you can’t get to a branch.


If you have been a VSECU member for more than 30 days or have overdraft protection with us, you automatically have increased deposit limits.


New Members, Youth Members and Members without Overdraft Protection

For members that have joined VSECU within the last 30 days, members that are 17 years of age or younger and members that do not have Overdraft Protection Program eligible checking accounts the following mobile deposit limits apply:

Existing Members Eligible for the Overdraft Protection Program

For members that joined VSECU more than 30 days ago, are 18 years of age or older and have Overdraft Protection Program eligible checking accounts the following mobile deposit limits apply:

Members with Overdraft Protection
Daily Amount Limit $3500.00


If your deposits exceed the limits described above contact a Member Service Consultant and ask about your limit options. Upon review of your membership and account status it may be possible to receive increased limits for your individual needs.


The Overdraft Protection Program helps prevent you from ‘bouncing’ a check. Learn more by visiting the Overdraft Protection Program page.

To view the full disclosure please visit the Mobile Banking Disclosure.