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April is Financial Literacy Month - It’s Time to Take Control!

Attend Our In-Branch Financial Literacy Seminars

This series of seminars will help you understand your spending habits, set goals for reducing your debt, find greater financial freedom, and attain your goals! And if you miss the seminars, don’t worry! We’re recording them so you can watch them later!

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Seminar Information Description
Social Security and Your Retirement
Monday, April 3, 6:00PM
VSECU Montpelier branch
Regardless of when you plan to retire, Social Security will likely be an important part of the road ahead. Join us for a no-cost, no-obligation seminar that will answer your Social Security questions and discuss routes you can take to help get the most out of your benefits. Find out how to set a clear direction on your road to retirement.
Steps to Financial Freedom
Monday, April 3, 6:00 PM
VSECU St. Johnsbury branch
Achieving lifelong financial success can sometimes seem like an overwhelming task. However, when developed step by step, you can gain long-term control of your finances. Setting goals, communicating with family members, creating a budget, building savings, reducing debt, and buying a home are just a few of the steps we will discuss during this workshop.
Understanding Your Credit Report and Score
Tuesday, April 4, 6:00 PM
VSECU Montpelier branch
Become knowledgeable in topics such as: What is a credit report? What is a credit score? How can I obtain my personal credit report? How does my credit history affect me? You’ll get the answers to these and many other questions at this informative workshop.
The Psychology of Spending – Why We Buy
Wednesday, April 5, 6:00 PM
VSECU Williston branch
In this seminar Why We Buy you will learn about the external factors that influence buying behavior, money personalities, ways to control spending, and strategies to overcome the forces that make us spend.
Options for Dealing with Debt
Thursday, April 6, 6:00 PM
VSECU Rutland branch
Both the pros and cons of debt repayment strategies will be explored during this informational presentation. You will also learn about how much debt is too much, communicating with creditors and how to avoid debt problems in the future.
The American Dream
Friday, April 7, 6:00 PM
VSECU Bennington branch
During The American Dream seminar we will take a look at the tools to budget and shop for your home, secure and close your loan, and efficiently care for your home once you’ve moved in.

Financial Literacy 2017 Seminars

Presented by GreenPath

April is financial literacy month – the perfect time to focus on your finances, learn how to reduce debt and save more, and start good habits to help you manage your financial situation. If your finances are out of control, you’re not alone! We’ve got some great resources that can help you take control of your finances for good!

About Our Presenter:

Dusti Young is a Partner Relations Specialist at GreenPath Financial Wellness. She joined GreenPath’s Partner Relations team after working as a financial wellness expert, client success specialist, and team mentor for 10+ years. She has a passion for financial wellness and education and she is driven to make a difference for others. When she is not immersed in credit union culture she enjoys running, reading and new adventures.

Dusti Young of GreenPath

About GreenPath

GreenPath Financial Wellness is a nationwide, non-profit financial counseling and education organization. GreenPath has been empowering people to lead financially healthy lives since 1961. Our financial experts partner with consumers to empower them to ease financial stress, manage debt, save for the future, make smart financial decisions, and achieve their financial goals.

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