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VSECU Online Banking Agreement

Effective: November 26, 2014

This agreement is a contract that establishes the rules covering access to your account(s), and transactions performed, through VSECU’s Online Banking application. Please read this agreement carefully because it tells you your rights and obligations. You must have the ability to access this agreement electronically and download or print it to retain this information for future reference.

The terms and conditions of the deposit agreements and disclosures for each of your VSECU account(s) as well as your other agreements with VSECU, such as loans, continue to apply notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this agreement.

Accessing the Services
You may access your account(s) through the Internet at www.vsecu.com using your Internet Service Provider.

General Security
You understand the importance of your role in preventing misuse of your account(s) and you agree to regularly examine your VSECU account(s). You agree to protect the confidentiality of your account(s) and account numbers, and your personal identification information. If you suspect that your Online Banking credentials have been compromised, you agree to access the system and change them, or contact VSECU as soon as possible.

Password Security
For security reasons, we will require the use of an individualized password to gain access to your account(s) through Online Banking. Your password requirements are:

  • Minimum – 8 characters
  • Maximum – 15 characters
  • Password Expiration – VSECU requires you to change your password at least every 180 calendar days. The system will automatically prompt you to change your password at that time.
  • Password Algorithm – Both alpha and numeric (at least one letter and one number) characters are required within the password.

Your Online Banking credentials are confidential information that should be known only by you. If anyone contacts you and requests this information, contact us immediately at 800-371-5162.

You are solely responsible for controlling the safekeeping of and access to, your Online Banking credentials. Here are some suggestions:

  • Memorize your password and never write it down;
  • Try to use random numbers and letters for your password;
  • Avoid using a password that could be easily guessed by others (your name, your phone number, your date of birth, etc.);
  • Change your password on a regular basis;
  • Always log out of Online Banking before leaving your computer unattended;
  • Do not instruct Windows to save your password; and
  • Change your Online Banking credentials immediately if you believe they have been compromised

You should never provide your Online Banking credentials to a third party. If you do so, you are authorizing that party to conduct transactions on your account(s). Therefore, you are responsible for any transactions, including transfers from your account(s), resulting from you furnishing your Online Banking credentials to a third party. VSECU will not be liable and will not reimburse you for any losses that may occur as a result of this authorized use of your Online Banking credentials. For further security information, please visit our Online Security information on our website.

Bill Pay
VSECU offers Bill Pay services through CheckFree Services Corporation, a subsidiary of Fiserv Solutions, Inc. Refer to the Bill Pay Service Agreement for the terms and conditions of using this service. This service will be activated when you click on the Payments tab within Online Banking and select the link “Pay your bills” under the Bill Payment area.

You are responsible for ensuring that you receive a successful confirmation for transactions that you make within Online Banking. You agree to note the date and time and/or maintain a receipt for your records. You are also responsible for ensuring that funds are available to cover future and recurring transfers that you set up.

VSECU is not responsible for your acts or omissions, or those of any other person, including, without limitation, any transmission or communications facility, and no such party shall be deemed to be VSECU’s agent. VSECU will not be liable for any special, consequential, incidental, or punitive losses, damages, or expenses in connection with this agreement, or the Online Banking service, even if VSECU has knowledge of the possibility of them. VSECU is not liable for any act, failure to act, or delay in acting, if it is caused in whole or in part by any cause beyond VSECU’s reasonable control.

Refer to the Truth-in-Savings Disclosures and Section 4 of the Electronic Fund Transfers Agreement and Disclosure included below for fees applicable to electronic services. These fees may be changed from time to time with advance notice to you as required by applicable law. If you have any questions, please call 802/800 371-5162, and a Member Service Consultant will assist you.

Amendment and Termination of VSECU’s Online Banking Agreement
VSECU reserves the right to change this Agreement at any time by notice mailed to you at the last address shown on VSECU’s records, posting notice in VSECU branch offices, or as otherwise permitted by law.

VSECU has the right to terminate this Agreement for any reason, at any time. You may terminate this Agreement by written notice to VSECU. This notice can be delivered by mail to: VSECU, PO Box 67, Montpelier, VT 05601-0067 or secure e-mail through the Messages function in Online Banking. VSECU is not responsible for any activity, including payments made before VSECU has a reasonable opportunity to act on your termination notice. You remain obligated for any payments made by VSECU on your behalf.