Service Fees

Understanding Service Fees

Service fees are assessed on an individual basis for additional services requested of VSECU. These fees are assessed only when applicable for a service provided. This allows us to keep operating costs low for the overall membership and return the best rates possible for deposit and loan products. You may be able to reduce or eliminate some fees with our Member Rewards Program.

Service Fee
Account Reconciliation/Research $25 per hour
Account to Account (A2A) Outbound Transfers $3 each
Account to Account (A2A) Failed Transactions $25 each
Wire Transfers (outgoing) Domestic $20 each
Money Orders $3 each
ATM Surcharge Other institutions may charge to use their ATMs. See free ATMs.
Card Replacement
(ATM or Debit)
$10 Standard; $40 Expedited
Paper Statement Copy $5 per statement (e-Statements free with enrollment)
Cashier’s Checks $3 each
Paper Check Copy $3 each (digital copy free with online banking enrollment)
Check Order Prices Varies by style
Temporary Checks $2 for a sheet of 4 checks
Bill Pay Same Day Electronic Payment $9.95 per transaction
Bill Pay Overnight Check Payment $14.95 per transaction
Popmoney® Transfers $.95 per transaction; $1.95 per expedited transaction
Legal Processing
(writ, levy, etc.)
$50 each
Member Coin Machine 5% of total coin amount
Stop Payment (Check or ACH) $20 per item; or multiple items within a range
Abandoned Property/Escheatment Processing Fee $25 per membership