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Our VGreen loan program offers financing for qualifying projects and purchases that help you achieve your energy goals.


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    Whether you’re financing a qualifying green vehicle, a green home, a heating system upgrade, a bicycle, a weatherization project, or a solar energy project, we can help you achieve long-term energy savings.

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    We want you to benefit from your energy improvements immediately. We’ve structured our terms to let you do just that.

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    As part of our environmental mission, we offer discounted rates to help make clean energy accessible and more affordable for you.

Why VSECU Member Erica Dana chose a green loan.

Erica Dana applied for a green loan after the oil boiler in her house failed. With help from VSECU, she was able to purchase a more environmentally friendly pellet boiler instead.

VSECU helped Erica Dana get financing for her energy efficiency project.

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