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Investment Tax Credit Loan

Designed to finance projects that qualify for tax credits.

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Benefit from your tax credit in more ways than one

The VGreen Investment Tax Credit (ITC) Loan is a great option if you’re looking to finance a qualifying project or purchase, such as solar, geothermal, home battery storage, or advanced wood heating.


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    Pay less for 15 months

    You will enjoy 15 months of lower payments, after which your payment will increase unless you apply your tax credit to the loan.

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    Maximize your tax credit

    Apply your tax credit to your principal balance and re-amortize to keep your payments low.

  • No Fee

    No down payment

    We’re all about saving you money, so we’ll finance up to 100% of qualified project costs, up to the maximum loan amount.

Is your project eligible?

This loan is only available for residential properties, and projects qualified for the Federal Investment Tax Credit. VSECU does not provide tax advice. Any taxpayer considering the purchase of a renewable-energy or energy-storage system should consult their accountant or other tax professional before claiming a tax credit.

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Current rates

Investment Tax Credit (ITC) Loan 1,2


APR as low as

APR = annual percentage rate, effective as of 05/15/2023 and reflects the current minimum APR offered.


84 months

APR as low as



144 months

APR as low as


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If you are already a member and want to apply for an Investment Tax Credit Loan, it’s easier to apply once you’ve logged into online or mobile banking. That way we can save you time by pre-filling the application with your information. Call 1-802-371-5146 to speak with a specialist.

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– Other rates and terms may be available. APR = annual percentage rate and may be adjusted based on your individual credit standing and term.
– Payment amount subject to change after the initial 15 months based on tax credits or other credits applied to principal or re-amortization of the outstanding balance. Payment example: a $20,000 loan at 7.20% APR would result in 15 initial monthly payments of $161.22. If 30% of the loan amount is applied to the principal during the first 15 months, the monthly payment would remain approximately the same for the remaining term of the loan. If the principal is not paid down with a tax credit or other payment, the outstanding loan balance at the end of the 15-month period will re-amortize to $216.68 per month for the remaining 129 months.