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Fuel Buying Program

Heat your home or business for less.

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Simplify the heating season

Our fuel buying program is offered exclusively to VSECU members to make heating your home or business easier and more affordable. We negotiate reduced pricing with participating fuel dealers for a variety of home heating fuel types.


  • Hand With Dollar

    Auto payments

    Our payment system automatically debits what you owe from your account after each delivery.

  • Rocket

    Auto delivery

    Receive your fuel deliveries on an automatic schedule thatā€™s convenient and hassle-free.

  • Shield

    Added protection

    Insufficient funds in your VHeat Clearing account? Your VHeat Line of Credit will automatically cover the amount due.

Find a dealer and pricing

Let us help you locate a dealer in your area. Simply fill in your zip code, check off the type of fuel you use, and hit search to find out which dealers offer home heating fuel through the VHeat program.

Price types

Rack Plus will fluctuate depending upon wholesale cost and market conditions. Rack Plus pricing allows you to take advantage of lower heating fuel prices if prices drop during the heating season and does not require you to pre-buy your fuel. There is a possibility at times our Rack Plus price could be the same as the providerā€™s retail price* or more. We cannot guarantee the Rack Plus price will always be lower than the retail price. Pricing does not include taxes or shipping costs.

Fuel dealers offering Rack Plus pricing: Energy Co-op of Vermont, Irving Oil, and Trono Fuels

*Retail priceĀ is the price quoted by a fuel dealer on any given day, without taking any discounts or program deals into account.

Laid in Cost is the wholesale fuel cost plus shipping and includes any applicable taxes.

Fuel dealers offering Laid in Cost pricing: Suburban Propane

Discount off Retail is the retail price* less the discounted amount.

Fuel dealers offering Discount off Retail pricing: Barrows and Fisher Oil Co, and Bourne’s Energy.

*Retail priceĀ is the price quoted by a fuel dealer on any given day, without taking any discounts or program deals into account.

Fixed pricing is offered by some VHeat dealers and is subject to availability. Before enrolling in VHeat, please contact your selected fuel dealer directly to lock in a fixed fuel price, and be sure to tell them you are a VHeat member in order to receive the negotiated discount. Some fuel dealers require customers to pre-buy their estimated seasonal amount at the beginning of the heating season.


Budgeting tool

Estimate how much you should be saving in your VHeat Clearing account every month to pay for heating costs.

Note:Ā This tool is intended for estimation purposes as fuel prices and consumption can fluctuate.

Unique payment system

The unique VHeat accounts and payment system are designed to make saving, and paying for, the heating season simple and easy. The payment system consists of a VHeat Clearing account and VHeat Line of Credit, which participants are required to open.

Save for the Future

The VHeat Clearing account is where you should make regular deposits all year to budget and save for fuel. After each delivery, the dealer automatically debits this account for your payment. The VHeat Clearing account also earns interest like a regular checking account.

There are no checks or debit cards issued with the VHeat Clearing account. The account is strictly for deposits and dealer automatic debits.


VHeat Clearing Account 1



Annual percentage yield effective as of 11/6/2023 and reflects the current minimum APY offered.


Clearing Account



Borrow When You're Low on Funds

The VHeat Credit Line is intended to be a safety net for your fuel payments. If you donā€™t have sufficient funds in your VHeat Clearing account your VHeat Credit Line is activated to make the payment to the dealer. The VHeat Credit Line may also be used to cover the expense of heating-related services such as cleaning, repairs, or upgrades.

The VHeat Credit Line is a loan and is subject to underwriting and approval. For complete equipment replacement or efficiency upgrades, consider applying for a VGreen loan.


VHeat Line of Credit2



Annual percentage rate effective as of 11/6/2023 and reflects the current minimum APR offered.


Line of Credit



Need to know more?

Here are the answers to many of the commonly asked questions we receive about this unique program.

The heating season begins each year on September 1. There is no official end to the season.

To change dealers and/or add a new dealer, please callĀ 802/800 371-5162Ā or emailĀ Info@vsecu.com.

Once youā€™ve enrolled, your participation in the program willĀ automatically renew each yearĀ unless you choose to cancel.

As part of your continuous enrollment, annual dues will be assessed at the beginning of each heating season onĀ September 1. Annual dues for participation in the VHeat program are $25.

As the heating season comes to a close each year, here are some things to keep in mind as you prepare for next year.

  • Fuel dealers will continue to deliver through the summer unless you make arrangements with them to stop automatic deliveries. Note:Ā You will continue to receive discounted pricing throughout the summer months.
  • Use theĀ budgeting toolĀ to create a monthly savings plan for the next heating season.
  • Make monthly deposits into your VHeat Clearing account to start saving for next winter.

Contact your fuel dealer if you have questions about your fuel delivery schedule, delivery invoice, heating equipment/system, or pricing.

Barrows and Fisher Oil Co.Ā 1-802-254-4574

Bourneā€™s EnergyĀ 1-800-326-8763

Energy Co-op of VermontĀ 1-802-860-4090

IrvingĀ 1-888-310-1924

Suburban PropaneĀ 1-800-776-7263

Trono FuelsĀ 1-802-476-8999

Contact VSECU at 802/800 371-5162 if you have questions about your VHeat Clearing account, VHeat Line of Credit, budgeting or payment schedule.

If you wish to terminate your participation in the VHeat program, you must do so at least 30 days prior to September 1. Please callĀ 802/800 371-5162Ā or emailĀ Info@vsecu.com.

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ā€“ Fees may reduce earnings.
ā€“ VHeat line of credit is a fixed rate.