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Credit Building Loans

Build or rebuild your credit.

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Good credit supports prosperity

If you have no credit, or are looking to maintain or improve your score, our credit building loan options offer flexible ways to move you forward.

Secured VERMONT Platinum Credit Card

This secured credit card uses the money in your savings account as collateral for the credit limit. Here’s how it works:

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    Get approved

    Get approved with any credit score for a credit card limit between $500 and $15,000. Your savings will secure the credit limit.

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    Make monthly payments

    Build or rebuild credit by making timely monthly payments. You may transfer your savings to pay off the card at any time.

  • Hand With Dollar

    Free your savings

    Once your credit has improved, you can reapply to have the hold on your savings lifted.

VERMONT Platinum Visa Credit Card

Transaction Type


APR = annual percentage rate, effective as of 11/6/2023.

Transaction Type

Vermont Based Rate 4



Transaction Type

Standard Rate



Transaction Type

Cash Advances



Transaction Type

Balance Transfers



Savings Secured & Certificate Secured Loans

Want to work on your credit score, or simply want a low interest loan option? A Savings or Certificate Secured Loan may be the perfect answer. Here’s how it works:

  • Hand Dollar

    Determine what you need

    If you have a certificate or funds on deposit that you don’t need access to for daily or monthly needs, you can borrow against that money. This loan has a $300 minimum and no maximum.

  • Percentage Arrow Down

    Enjoy low rates and flexible terms

    Priced at 3% above deposit rates with flexible terms and manageable payments to help build and maintain your credit.

  • Dollar Down Arrow

    Release the hold

    As you build your credit, you’ll also release the funds we’re holding to secure the loan. Every payment you make will reduce the hold by the amount paid to principal.

Deposit Secured Loans 1,3


Terms up to


APR = annual percentage rate, effective as of 11/6/2023 and reflects the current minimum APR offered.


Savings Secured

Terms up to

180 months


3% above deposit rate


Certificate Secured

Terms up to

180 months


3% above certificate rate

Credit Builder Loan

Don’t have the funds or a Certificate to secure a loan? Our Credit Builder Loan will help you save money and improve your credit score.

  • Clipboard

    Apply for $300 Plus

    Apply for a loan amount between $300 and $1,000. Once you’re approved, we place the money in a dedicated savings account.

  • Calculator

    Pay to build credit

    By making timely payments on the principal and interest on the loan, you can improve or build your credit score.

  • Dollar Down Arrow

    Earn released funds

    Your payments release funds in your account equal to the amount of principal you have paid down.

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– Other rates and terms may be available. APR may be adjusted based on your individual credit standing and term.
– Payment example: $1,000 loan for 12 months at 3.10% APR will have a monthly payment of $85.00.
- Applies to purchases identified by the state code used by the merchant’s processing system. All transactions processed by merchants with a Vermont state code and balance transfers will receive the Vermont Based Rate. See Consumer Credit Card Agreement and Disclosure for important terms and conditions.