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Payday Loan Alternative

Fast cash to cover emergency expenses.

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Protect yourself from predatory lenders

Predatory payday loans can trap you in an ongoing cycle of debt. Our short-term, fixed-rate loans offer a viable alternative if you find yourself in a pinch.


  • Shield Percentage

    Fixed-rate loan of $520

    This includes a $20 processing fee. Payday loans can charge up to 400% annual percentage rate, making them difficult to pay off. Compare that to our 18% APR.4

  • Speach Bubbles

    Financial counseling

    Get access to financial counseling through Greenpath to help establish new habits and avoid financial difficulties down the road.

  • Hand With Dollar

    Immediate access

    Your loan will be deposited immediately into your VSECU account, so you won’t have to wait to access your funds.

Are you eligible?

You qualify for this loan option if you:

  • Have been a member in good standing for at least five months
  • Have been enrolled in direct deposit with VSECU for at least five months
  • Have been employed for at least five consecutive months with the same employer
  • Have not been denied for any consumer loan within the last 30 calendar days
  • Have not taken out more than two Payday Loan Alternatives within a 180-day period

Members who apply for a second Payday Loan Alternative must provide proof that they have participated in GreenPath financial education.

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Current rates

Payday Loan Alternative 1,4

Loan Amount



APR = annual percentage rate, effective as of 11/6/2023 and reflects the current minimum APR offered.

Loan Amount



5 months



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If you are already a member and want to apply online, it’s easier to open an account once you’ve logged into online or mobile banking. That way we can save you time by pre-filling the application with your information.

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– Other rates and terms may be available. APR may be adjusted based on your individual credit standing and term.
– The 18% interest rate and an automatic $20 processing fee included in the required loan amount result in a 32% APR. Payment Example: a $520 loan for 5 months will result in a $109.50 monthly payment. A maximum of two loans are allowed per 180-day period. Payment by automatic transfer from a VSECU account is required.