ATM Surcharge Rebates

Through our Member Rewards Program, we are saving our members money with ATM rebates on surcharge fees that are charged when using a non-VSECU ATM. Depending on your membership level, you can receive up to 10 free non-VSECU ATM transactions plus up to $8 in ATM Surcharge Rebates every month!

Each month, these rebates are deposited into your VSECU Share Savings account. Make sure to look for these extra deposits in your account and see how much VSECU is saving you when you have to use a non-VSECU ATM.

Another way to avoid ATM surcharges is by using a CO-OP Network ATM. These ATMs are located across the United States and are free to VSECU members. You can find a CO-OP Network ATM near you by using the ATM Locator on our website. To learn more about our rebate options and our Member Rewards Program, visit this page.

If you feel you should have received an ATM Surcharge Rebate based on your non-VSECU ATM use last month and didn’t, please contact a Member Service Consultant either by phone at 802/800 371-5162, or your online VSECU mailbox. Please provide information about the location, date, time and amount of the transaction.