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July Upgrade: What's New

On July 28, 2013 our Bill Pay system was upgraded to a new platform with several enhancements to improve your online banking experience.

Bill Pay – pay businesses & companies

FREE Trial Offer: Try it! Schedule and pay your bills online. This service is free for all members until October 31.

Important – Payment Processing Changes: Schedule your payments for the day they are due and the new system will ensure they reach the payee on time regardless if they are sent electronically or by check.

How Your Payment is Processed

  • If your payment is sent electronically the funds will be debited from your account the same day the payment is scheduled.
  • If your payment is sent by check, the funds will be debited from your account when the check is cleared. This is different from payment processing in the past. Funds may not be debited from your account until a date after the scheduled payment date. How does this benefit me?
  • It is likely the new system will process some payments by check for the first few months until a good payment history is created. Thereafter more of your payments will begin to process electronically (if your payee(s) accept electronic funds). You will be notified of the payment processing type when you finalize your scheduled payment.

Pay Multiple Payees: All of your payees will now appear in one list making it easier to set up several payments and submit them all with just one button.

Popmoney® – pay other people

Personal Payment Service: This person to person payment feature is a low cost service that allows you to send money to friends, family or others as long as you have their email address or mobile number.

Request Money: The Popmoney service can also be used to request money from other people.

Note: To pay a person such as your landlord, snow removal or lawn care service provider you should ask for their business account information and use Bill Pay to process the payment. If you choose to pay via Popmoney as a person to person transfer a transaction fee will apply.