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VBiz Fees

Understanding Account Fees

Account fees are assessed when unfavorable transactions occur on your accounts. These fees are assessed to cover any costs due to VSECU and/or are associated with additional account maintenance resulting from the transaction. Assessing these fees on an individual basis allows us to continue to return the best rates to the membership as a whole.

Action Fee
Non-sufficient Funds/Overdrafts (applies to: overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means) $25.00 per NSF item returned or per overdraft item paid
Uncollected Funds $25.00 per item Paid or Returned
Closed Membership $20.00 if within 90 days
Returned Statement (1st incident) $5.00 – future mailings suspended
Savings Excessive Withdrawals $5.00 each
MMA Excessive Withdrawals $10.00 each
Overdraft Transfer from Savings $3.00 per transfer