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Buy Local on Small Business Saturday

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Do you know that the Saturday after Thanksgiving is Small Business Saturday? And that when you buy from a Vermont vendor, you keep money in our state and support our local economy? While Small Business Saturday is a great chance to get out there and support your local stores, but don’t forget—you can buy local every day of the year.


Small Business Saturday is a great chance to get out there and support your local stores, but don’t forget—you can buy local every day of the year.


It is easy and convenient to hop online and do your shopping in the comfort of your office or home, but you lose out on so much, including personal service (you can’t get that online!) and the opportunity to support local job and business growth.


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So, let’s set a goal this year to shop locally and help keep money in Vermont where it can support Vermonters. This may be more of a challenge if you are shopping for the hottest toy of the season, but with a little creativity you can do it.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Let’s say you do a gift swap. How about picking up a gift at a local craft show or at your local bookstore or shop?
  • Send an out-of-state family member or friend a gift basket of Vermont products from your local maple syrup or chocolate company.
  • Get your jewelry gifts from a local artist.
  • Gift certificates from your local massage therapist or nail salon make perfect gifts for busy women who could use a little pampering.
  • Spend a day in the center of town, picking up unique stocking stuffers from local vendors.
  • Really just want to click on a link and get it done? Click on the link of a Vermont business instead of an out-of-state competitor.

The options are clearly unlimited, so think about the shops, artisans, bakeries, restaurants, (and so much more) in your area within Vermont’s borders and make an effort to make as many local purchases as possible this year. See how many of the items on your list you can purchase in state and when the season is over, assess how you did. It’s not about being perfect. It’s just about keeping as much of your money in the state as possible.

Support Vermonters by accepting this challenge. It’s a win-win for all of us.

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