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Stronger Together


After months of decision-making and preparation, we are getting ready to integrate new systems in the coming months. Once the process is complete, you will have access to a more robust selection of products and services, and a larger number of branches around the state.

We can’t wait to share the exceptional banking experience we’ve been planning for you! We will post information here as details become available. We will also send a packet to all members in the coming weeks that will help you get ready for upcoming changes. Keep an eye on your mailbox for the packet and for any other communications you may receive from us.

Action steps

There is nothing to do right now. Be ready and on the lookout for your informational packet that will be mailed in the coming weeks. This packet will inform you of any action you may need to take to be fully prepared for the new systems we are building.

New name and brand identity

NEFCU and VSECU have united, and we are excited about creating a new credit union together. We have some big tasks ahead of us. One of our objectives is to develop a new name and brand identity that reflects the strengths and legacies of both credit unions. We will bring the most valued characteristics, traits, and offerings to light as we clarify the new look and feel for our future.

This will take time and consideration. We expect this process to be completed in 2024 with a brand new name for our credit union.


Your convenience is a priority as we prepare for upcoming changes. While we don’t have answers for all your questions, we have shared what we know in the questions below.


As we get closer to our systems integration, we will send you a packet that will outline future changes and guide you through action steps you may need to take.

The current plan is to integrate existing and new systems in the coming months. We will provide more details in the packet that you will receive in the coming weeks.

All the changes will be outlined in the packet sent to you. It will include information about our routing number, changes to accounts and services, and a few product updates.

Once we complete systems integration, you’ll have access to a more robust selection of products and services and a larger number of branches around the state.

VSECU and New England Federal Credit Union merged on January 1, 2023.  We have been working all year to build on our partnership and bring you the best of what each credit union offers.

We will continue to operate under our respective brand names— New England Federal Credit Union and VSECU (a division of New England Federal Credit Union)—until a new name is identified and created for the combined credit union, likely in 2024.

Branches and ATMs

Until we have combined our systems, you should continue to use the branches you have always used. Once we are fully operating as one organization, you will be able to conduct transactions at all VSECU and NEFCU branches.

Accounts and services

For now, the routing number will remain the same.

We are still working through these details and will provide updates in the packet mailed to you in the coming weeks.

We are still working through these details and will provide updates in the packet mailed to you in the coming weeks.

Until we have integrated our systems later this fall, your VSECU and NEFCU accounts will continue to operate separately.

Funds will continue to be covered by NCUA up to $250,000. Federal insurance may cover more than this amount if your accounts are set up correctly. If you are concerned about this, you can speak to a member service consultant who can help you reorganize your accounts.

Yes, go ahead and purchase more checks. Any checks that you order now will still work after our systems integration.

No! You can continue to use your debit and/or credit card(s) as usual.

Rates, fees, and other charges

We are selecting the best rate and fee options for our members. You can find the most up-to-date rates here and any changes in rates and fees are disclosed here.