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Annual Elections and Meeting

Democracy in action.

Your votes support your credit union and your community

As a member-owner of VSECU, you can vote in the Annual Elections and attend the Annual Meeting. Elections take place at the end of March each year and are your best opportunity to learn more about your credit union and participate in the democratic process.

During Annual Elections, members exercise their voting power to elect Board members who will lead the credit union into the future. They also have the opportunity to use their vote to distribute funds to non-profits that engage in work that is aligned with our sustainable principles.

The Annual Elections culminate in the Annual Meeting, where the CEO reports on the state of the credit union, the Board conducts their yearly business meeting, and members are welcome to ask questions of their elected Board, the CEO, and other members of the leadership team.

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Voting has closed

Thanks to those of you who voted in this year’s Annual Elections! We are excited to present the four members who were elected to fill positions on the VSECU Board of Directors during the 2022 Annual Elections:

2022 Board of Directors Elections Results

Congratulations to our four elected Board members!

Michael Hogan

Michael J. Hogan

Janet Hollner

Janet Hollner

Julie Lineberger

Julie Lineberger

Colin Owyang - Bio

Colin Owyang

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