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A culture of values

At VSECU, we value our employees and all the characteristics that make them unique. We appreciate the individual qualities of our employees and our internal values reflect that. We call them the “Be” values: Be Real, Be Human, Be Brave, Be Playful, and Be Selfless.

Making a difference

VSECU is a mission-driven, not-for-profit institution that values professional growth, collaboration, and community. We’re committed to making a difference and helping others.

Team members talk about why they love working at VSECU.

Awards and accolades

VSECU encourages employees to bring every aspect of themselves to work. As a result, our employees are actively engaged in their work and constantly evolving as they build their personal and professional skills. When it comes to employee satisfaction, we don’t like to guess. Instead, we make sure we’re hitting the mark with anonymous surveys that allow employees to speak their minds. Here are a few things we’ve learned as a result:


Percentage of employees who like the people they work with at VSECU.


Percentage of employees who say their manager supports them in times of change.


Percentage of employees who note that they are proud to work at VSECU.

What do employees have to say?

VSECU provides a plethora of opportunity for personal/professional development, and career advancement opportunities. Management is committed to organizational transparency, so all staff is informed of business decisions and the trends in organizational development. If you have interest in financial cooperatives and helping your neighbor, VSECU is a great employer.

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Employee recognition

We hold an annual gala to celebrate our employees. It’s a chance to dress up and let loose with our peers, and an opportunity to recognize achievements that have been earned throughout the year. For example, it’s a time to acknowledge employees who have been recognized as “Rockstars” of the industry. And a time to appreciate the shining examples of our “Be” values.

2022 Employee of the Year Crystal Charron and Rob Miller


Benefits may vary depending on position and employment classification.

  • Computer

    Hybrid work conditions

    Looking for a flexible work situation? Employees can work with their manager to identify a work arrangement that will benefit both the individual employee and VSECU. This may include non-traditional hours or in-office/remote hybrid or fully remote options.

  • Calendar

    Paid Time Off

    “All work and no play” isn’t a good life plan. We offer ample paid time off so you can focus on you. Employees earn 15 paid days off for the first year of employment. They earn more days off based on their years of service.

  • Community 1

    Volunteer Time Off

    Like to give of your time? We support that! Every employee gets eight hours of paid volunteer time off annually. How you choose to use it to support your community is completely up to you.

  • Hand With Heart


    Regular checkups can help you stay healthy. Our health plans make it easy to cover the costs with options that meet a variety of needs. We offer a traditional PPO plan and a high deductible health plan with an employer-funded Health Savings Account. We also offer dental and vision. Coverage for most plans starts after 30 days of employment.

  • Speach Bubbles

    Invest EAP

    Life isn’t always a walk in the park. When you hit a rough patch, we want to make sure you have the support you need. EAP offers counseling and resources for those who need help finding daycare or elder care, or who are suffering from the loss of a family member, dealing with workplace conflict, facing legal or financial issues, or struggling with depression or other mental health issues.

  • Chart


    Your future will be here before you know it. To help you prepare for the future, we offer matching contributions to your 401(k). We match 75% of up to 6% of your pay, depending on your contribution, with a 4.5% maximum match. From the day you start saving, you will also receive a 3% safe harbor match. Employees are fully vested after 6 years of service.