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Line of Credit

A little something extra when you need it.

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Give yourself a cushion

A Line of Credit, also known as a Personal Credit Line, can be used as overdraft protection if you overdraw your checking account, or as a traditional loan.


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    Enjoy a fixed interest rate

    Unlike many credit cards, this credit line has a fixed interest rate that won’t change.

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    Borrow only what you need

    With this revolving credit line, borrow as needed and every payment replaces funds so that you can borrow again.



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    Access with ease

    This credit line can be linked directly to your checking account so it’s available whenever you need it.

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    Pay interest on your balance only

    You only have to pay interest on the balance you carry from month to month.

Current rates

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APR = annual percentage rate, effective as of 11/6/2023 and reflects the current minimum APR offered.


Personal Line of Credit



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If you are already a member and want to apply online, it’s easier to open an account once you’ve logged into online or mobile banking. That way we can save you time by pre-filling the application with your information.

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– This is a line of credit and when activated the monthly minimum payment is equal to 5% of the balance or $25, whichever is greater.