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Our leaders clear a path to member success.

Meet our leaders

Our Executive Team works closely with our Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee to ensure that VSECU is providing members with the best possible experience and service.

Executive Team

The Executive Team makes sure that the direction of daily operations is in alignment with our overall corporate initiatives and goals.

Rob Miller - Bio

Robert Miller

Chief Executive Officer
Terry Field - Bio

Terence Field

Senior Vice President Finance Officer
Yvonne Garand - Bio

Yvonne M. Garand

Senior Vice President Marketing & Business Development Officer
Rick Hommel - Bio

Rick Hommel

Senior Vice President Technology & Operations Officer
Val Beaudin - Bio

Valerie Beaudin

Senior Vice President Lending Officer
Greg Huysman - Bio

Gregory Huysman

Director of Business Lending and Services

VSECU Board of Directors

VSECU is governed by a volunteer board composed of members who serve a three-year term and meet monthly with the CEO and Executive Team.

The responsibility of the Board of Directors is broad, requiring a prudent, responsible, and thoughtful commitment to overseeing the safety and soundness, risk management, operations, performance, and strategic direction of the credit union. Additional sub-committees focused on policy, community contributions, environmental concerns, and more also give board members an opportunity to delve into their individual areas of expertise.

Supervisory Committee members serve a three-year term and meet quarterly with the responsibility of overseeing the comprehensive annual audits and affairs of the credit union.

Board of Directors serving three-year terms

Michael Hogan

Michael Hogan

Vice Chair, Serving 2016 to 2025
Janet Hollner

Janet Hollner

Treasurer, Serving 2014 to 2025
James Larsen - Bio

James Larsen

Serving 2020 to 2023
Julie Lineberger

Julie Lineberger

Serving 2021 to 2025
Stephanie Meunier - Bio

Stephanie Meunier

Serving 2021 to 2024
Owen Milne

Owen Milne

Serving 2021 to 2024
Spencer Newman

Spencer Newman

Chair, Serving 2018 to 2024
Heather Neuwirth Lovejoy - Bio

Heather Neuwirth Lovejoy

Secretary, Serving 2017 to 2023
Colin Owyang - Bio

Colin Owyang

Serving 2022-2025
George Sales - Two Column Bio

George Sales

Serving 2020 to 2023
Carrie Simmons - Bio

Carrie Simmons

Serving 2021 to 2024

Supervisory Committee Volunteers

  • Eugene Wescott, Chair

    Serving 2018 to 2024

  • Renee Sullivan

    Serving 2020 to 2023

  • Will Belongia

    Serving 2022 to 2025

Member Resources

Get involved

We encourage our members to be engaged and to contact us with concerns, compliments, or issues that we as a Board should be considering.

  • Attend a meeting

    The Board typically meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at the Montpelier main branch office. Members are welcome to attend the open forum period at the beginning of each meeting. If you wish to attend, please arrive before 5:00 PM.

  • Email us

    Contact us by email at [email protected] This address is monitored by our executive administrator, who will deliver your communication to the appropriate Board member(s).

  • Join the Board

    Members interested in serving on the Board can submit their name each year as part of the VSECU annual meeting process. Qualified candidates are selected by the Nominating Committee for election or members may petition to the Supervisory Committee. Learn more about joining our Board.